Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aaron Weiss.

A great little interview on Faith, Humility, and Forgivness. Some food for thought, even if you aren't a believer.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mr. Matthew Naismith.

This is my good friend Matt Naismith. When I was in a band a few years back I met this fella when he became our drummer/singer. Matt asked me to take some photos of him for a Christmas gift for his girlfriend. So a few weeks ago I made a visit to Toronto, and I think these are some of the best photos of him! Although its hard to take a bad photo of someone who is sooo goood loooking, haha. Enjoy the Photos! And Merry Christmas! Oh! another thing, remember my post entitled "The Artist Life"? I warned of a pretty fantastic photo that would be going up on Mark Cohene's Blogspot. Well its up! Check it!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cooper aka Scrooge?

One of the remaining puppies from my dog Boots. My mom and sister named this little fella Cooper. I'd say he wishes you a merry christmas. but he looks kinda grumpy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well...Do you Pray?

These are some photos that I took using my newly purchased wireless flash transmitter,flash stand, and umbrella. Normally we dont sit on the front porch in december. but, I bought my new gear in december, so here we are. Luckily, it was a warm night...for december.

BONUS: A song/video by a man named Chuck Ragan, this is just a great song about life, and how we have many options to possibly deal with the things it throws at us.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

This is an old one.

That I've taken some libertys with. Well its not really that old. But I went through my Means photos and saw this one, edited it, and liked how it turned out! Enjoy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Artist Life.

So on Sunday I hung out with my good friend Mark Cohene at a photoshoot he was doing with the band, The Artist life. I was mainly there to see how its done, and hold flash equiptment. So not too much time was available for me to take tons of photos, these are some of what I got...for the real deal, be sure to check out Marks site at, Im not sure if he posted the the cream of the crop photo yet, so be sure to check often until its up!

I did manage to snap a shot of them in their practise space, while working on a riff that Dean Richards(on the right) came up with earlier that morning.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Nothing Journalistic.


Just had some fun playing with my new 50mm 1.8!
*side note: The girl in the photo is my Gorgeous Gf, Sasha.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Special Projects Week.

For my special projects assignment, I chose to do a story on the Mosque in Belleville.  I spent a few afternoons sitting in on their worship services. The man I met most goes by the name of Muhammad Saleh, who is the Mosques "Imam" or preacher/ priest as we would say. He owns a variety store and has a University degree that allows him to be the Imam of this Mosque. He is also the President of the Muslim Association of Belleville. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Haitian Man on A Horse.

This is a photo I took of a little wooden statue that I bought off a street vender in Haiti.Actually, now that I think about it, It wasnt really a "street vender" as much as a "Beach Vendor"...Anywho, This, I think, is my best purchase as a barterer. He started at 50 us dollars, and I got it for 15... Or maybe it was 20. Either way, I won. Another little story? Later this same day I went snorkeling in the Carribean, which was pretty awesome. Didnt see any really impressive fish, and some of the coral was dead, but still...I went snorkeling in the Carribean. Another little story? I was inspired to buy this by a random act of kindess I witnessed while walking through the country side of Haiti. A group of us were walking and it got to be a little muddy. One lady tried to make it over a small muddy strip that divided the land. She was able to get one foot on the other side, but was stuck with the other. Just as this was happening along came a Haitian native on a small horse. I assume he was coming home from church because he had on a nicely preserved, obviosly donated, Suit. But, as he came upon this Woman who was stuck, he handed her a rope, and told her to hold on. She did, and the horse pulled her over saftely to the other side of the mud. We all cheered and it was a great moment. I didnt catch any of it on camera though... Be reminded this all happened before I started studying photojournalism. (not a real excuse, I know, but its all I have)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Halifax NA337

(Above, The rear end Gun Turrut of a Halifax NA337)

So this past thursday in an effort to find a "feature picture" for the next days critique class, Phyliss, Mark,Taylor and I travelled to Trenton, in the hopes of stumbling across something extraodinary. We didnt, however, we did stop off at the Aviation Museum ( i think thats what its called) and we ran into this guy. His name is Bill Tytula, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, and the man responsible for bringing back a shot down Halifax NA337, which was shot down in the second world war and landed in a lake in Norway. He rounded up support to find funds to rebuild the plane and five years later, its restored! I recomend you check it out if you ever get the chance... The history of aviation is truely incredible! enjoy the photos!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Sunny Summer Day...

Is something I know I could go for right about now. I love the Christmas season and the cozy moments that come with winter, but I'm not the biggest fan of the cold. And if anyone out there who is reading this longs for the warmth of the summer sun, I hope you enjoy this photo!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

everythings just out of reach, im cutting off your hand

Hey everyone, Its 11:00 on a wednesday morning and I dont have class for another two hours... Chuck Ragan is playing on my ipod, and the cleaning ladys are downstairs,cleaning away . This is a typical wednesday morning for me. There is no real reason for me to be telling you this. Just like there is no real reason for me to post this picture of my dog, Boots, that I took in the summer during one of the strangest thunderstorms of the year. The sun was setting, giving off this brilliant gold, then red sunlight, while it was still raining over head... Enjoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

KTO and Means.

(above) Kathleen Turner Overdrive warm up the crowd for the headliners, Means.

This past wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the Unity tour,here in Belleville, with Means as the headlining act. I was recently introduced to the band and pretty much fell in love with their sound instantly, however, I may have met the band a little too late. Means are dismanteling after the Unity Tour, so this is the first, and last, time I get to see them! It was a bitter sweet event. On one hand they rocked, on the other, well,I wont get to see them again. Hopefuly(if any fans check out my site) these photos give you an idea of what a Means show is like!

Moira Darling.

Local Band Moira Darling Opened up for, The Artist Life, Kathleen Turner Overdrive, and Means, on Nov.12,2008.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I just came to realize that I dont have any information on most of my blog posts. Upon realizing this, I went through my posts and put up the nessicary information to make you all educated viewers. And I promise to never make such a mistake again. While you take the time to look through what I wrote, feel free to play the video below and think about the many things that you may love about this beautiful planet we occupy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Audience Of One Live Portraits

Audience of One, are a Christian Praise and Worship band from Woodstock Ontario. Before moving to Belleville, I had the pleasure of playing guitar along side these talented musicians. Although I'm pretty sure they're better off with Dave V, my replacement ;). Anywho!Here are some photos I took of the band performing for some party goers, in the upper levels of a cattle barn.

More From Haiti

Here are some more photos I took while doing mission work in Haiti in jan/feb of 2008. While there, I had time to walk around the compound with my newly acquired Canon Rebel xti.

The young man pictured above goes by the name Bisson Jean Baptiste. Bisson is an inspirantional young man, with a heart and mind that are so hard to find in the parts of the world where problems are not so obvious. He is a big help to children in his community, where he encourages, and helps children find sponsers through Mission to Haiti Canada. For more information on Mission to Haiti, check out

Some Photos from my trip to Europe last summer.

Not too much to say here, I was bored. Decided to reminice a little, and started looking through my Euro-trip photos! I came across these bad boys and decided I liked them enough to put them up on my site! (side note, these photos were taken with a Canon Powershot A510 point and shoot camera.)