Thursday, November 13, 2008

KTO and Means.

(above) Kathleen Turner Overdrive warm up the crowd for the headliners, Means.

This past wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the Unity tour,here in Belleville, with Means as the headlining act. I was recently introduced to the band and pretty much fell in love with their sound instantly, however, I may have met the band a little too late. Means are dismanteling after the Unity Tour, so this is the first, and last, time I get to see them! It was a bitter sweet event. On one hand they rocked, on the other, well,I wont get to see them again. Hopefuly(if any fans check out my site) these photos give you an idea of what a Means show is like!


Anonymous said...

I really really dig the last photo of Dylan jumping. Great work! One technical question though. Did you do much post processing or is that just Canon tonal-awesomeness hard at work.

DanBoot said...

thanks dude! uhh, i didnt do tooo much editing. I turned up the vibrance...adjusted some of the blues saturation, and adjusted the brightness a little! so it was mainly the camera at work i think.