Sunday, November 23, 2008

Haitian Man on A Horse.

This is a photo I took of a little wooden statue that I bought off a street vender in Haiti.Actually, now that I think about it, It wasnt really a "street vender" as much as a "Beach Vendor"...Anywho, This, I think, is my best purchase as a barterer. He started at 50 us dollars, and I got it for 15... Or maybe it was 20. Either way, I won. Another little story? Later this same day I went snorkeling in the Carribean, which was pretty awesome. Didnt see any really impressive fish, and some of the coral was dead, but still...I went snorkeling in the Carribean. Another little story? I was inspired to buy this by a random act of kindess I witnessed while walking through the country side of Haiti. A group of us were walking and it got to be a little muddy. One lady tried to make it over a small muddy strip that divided the land. She was able to get one foot on the other side, but was stuck with the other. Just as this was happening along came a Haitian native on a small horse. I assume he was coming home from church because he had on a nicely preserved, obviosly donated, Suit. But, as he came upon this Woman who was stuck, he handed her a rope, and told her to hold on. She did, and the horse pulled her over saftely to the other side of the mud. We all cheered and it was a great moment. I didnt catch any of it on camera though... Be reminded this all happened before I started studying photojournalism. (not a real excuse, I know, but its all I have)

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MelTait said...

i dig that story sir. the one about the mud and the horse. let's hear more.